Dia Mundial da Poesia

Dia Mundial da Poesia

Ao Bardo Druida

“Sonata to Your Being “
“I want to …
Embroider your life on the cloth of mine
I want to write the story of your being in a grain of sand
Carve your soul on dandelions
I want to whittle your gaze in the sea water
Paint your voice in the air I breathe
I want to print your scent on a petal of a carnation
Outline your tact in lava from a volcano
I want to shape the taste of your smile in the treetops
Cut the sound of your words in the dust of the stars
I Want to weave your outline in the moonlight
Plat the glow of your skin in the sun’s rays
I want to orchestrate the texture of your hair in a musical score of jackstones
Compose your silence into a symphony of the color’s dew 
I want to write the temperature of your kisses in the sweetness of a wild fruit
Play your tears on a waltz of pollens
I want to photograph the restlessness of your peace in a film of clouds
Project your glow’s calm on to a rainfall
I want to color the melody of your breath in the kindness of the tides
Declaim the sweetness of your absence in the calm of a cascade
I want to sing the softness of your passion in the immensity of the wings of a ladybug
Lift the weakness of your courage in a castle of peacock feathers
I want to …”



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