“My Dream of Eternity”

“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.”
Mark Twain

“My Dream of Eternity”

I would spend eternity like this

Weaving through the darkness of my eyes
The bright light of yours
Turning a sweet touch
In the most sacred of moments
Joining the river that runs through my veins
In the boiling lava that inhabits yours
I would spend eternity like this

Protecting your soft breath
From the storm emanating from mine
Entangling your dewy smile
In the trade winds that controls mine
Shaping the dawn of your dermis
With the twilight of my
I would spend eternity like this

Planting the mist of your hair
In the deep of my moor
Reaping with my hands
The happy humaneness of yours
Raising a temple in your body
With the sweet clay that is mine
I would spend eternity like this

Ao Bardo Druida

To Bardo Druida

de / by

Luz de Lisboa


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